Welcome to the Victorian APSB 

51st Stud Show 

Timetable available here


There will be a major raffle run over the 3 days of the Stud Show - 1st prize is a Stallion Service to one of the resident sires at Earlsley Park, with a range of fabulous prizes to be won. Tickets will be on sale over the weekend, if you'd like to purchase tickets in advance please contact a committee member. 

New Secretary Structure

Member Liaison

The following committee will be available to answer members queries regarding all General APSB matters

Joy Jones Ph: 5628 7513                                                                                                                                                           Email: edgewoodponystud@bigpond.com

Marion Costello   Ph:59788294                                                                                                                          Email:moorooducpark@turbonet.com.au  

Peter Ronzio       Ph: 53424058                                                                                                                                                           Email:  naruni@bigpond.net.au

Events Secretary

All event enquiries should be directed to our new Events Secretary

Edwina Boase-Stratford   

Ph: 0497677961

Email: events@apsbvic.org.au

From the 15th August the current APSB number (52213099) will not be available, so can members please use the above contacts. Your committee is there to help with all your enquiries, so please do not hesitate to contact the relevant number.       

APSB Facebook Pages 

The new APSB Victorian Branch & an APSB Ponies For Sale Facebook pages are now online.

Australian Pony Stud Book Society - Vic Branch

APSB Registered Ponies For Sale

Pony Registrations

We would like to encourage members that are planning to enter the November Stud Show to start getting their registrations in order as soon as possible.

Why? June/July/August is hectic with membership renewals/annual returns /NSW Stud Show entries and often during this time the turn around period can increase to a month.

Foal Futurity Nominations - If you are nominating 2 year old ponies for the Foal Futurity, please get them in early to avoid missing out.

Federal Contact

APSB Federal Office

Meredith Freeman


PO Box 267

Glenbrook NSW 2773

Phone: 02 4739 0008

Fax:02 8014 5762                                                                                                          



Foal Clipping Reminder

Non Clipping of APSB Purebred Foals for Showing.

For some time APSB has received complaints from members concerning the practice by some exhibitors of clipping foals for Foal and other shows. As foal shows are held at the beginning of winter, there is concern that having removed their winter woolies, the clipped foals, may not be properly cared for once the shows have finished.  Some states have already set restrictions in place for the clipping of foals at their shows and at the 2013 October meeting of Federal Council, it was resolved to adopt the non - clipping of purebred foals and by including this as part of the Society’s Regulations, all states must comply.  As some other societies allow foal clipping, it was also decided to place this restriction only on the purebred breed sections within the APSB that is; each of the Native pony breeds, Shetlands, Hackney Pony and Horse, Fjord Horse and the Australian Pony.  


Regulation 47 reads:

Purebred foals under the age of 12 months and registered in one of the ten pure pony breeds within the APSB Society may NOT be body clipped when shown at any foal or breed show.  Trimming to be limited to long hairs under jaw, outside of ear and minimal trimming of feathers – no head or neck clipping.

APSB Victorian Office - PO Box 2132, Geelong Vic 3220 Phone: 03 5221 3099 Fax: 03 5229 8244

Updated 29th September, 2014

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